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You can use the form to your right to ask a question or to commission a cartoon, or both.

If you want to find out more about how to commission a cartoon, what we do exactly for your $20, what you can do with your cartoon, or anything else related to mepainter's cartoon commission service, you can ask that here.

If you are ready to commission a cartoon, you do it here, too. We'll send you a response and send you a link so you can pay for your commission.



What is MePainter?

Mepainter is a cartoon commission service

What do I get for my $20?

You get an original one-of-a-kind Mepainter cartoon.

Can I make changes?

You can do anything you want with the file. It's yours.

What format do the images come in?

Everything is drawn in Adobe Illustrator and saved in a PDF vector file. If you have software that edits vector files you can probably open and edit the file.

What about color changes.

We color the images here, according to what we think will work. You can specify beforehand what color you want certain objects to be: For instance, "I'd like a pink hippo wearing a vermilion top hat." We can do that. All changes after delivery are up to you.

Do you do caricatures?

No. We don't do images of specific people or animals. We can do beagles but not Fred the Beagle. We can do grannies in chartreuse robes but not Granny Annie in a chartreuse robe. You get the idea.

Why do I pay first?

A commission means an artist creates a custom work at your request, just for you. Payment is required up front for the work involved.

How do I get my cartoon?

Once your custom cartoon is complete, it will be emailed to you directly. So, be sure to include a valid email address with your order.

Is my Cartoon unique?

Every mepainter cartoon is drawn to order.

What can I use it for?

Anything you like. Greeting cards, on top of a punchline, a logo, a character in a picture book, the basis for an animation...

What if someone else wants a pink hippo in a top hat? Won't you just send the same file to them?

No, if someone happens to commission another pink hippo, we draw another pink hippo from scratch. Everything is original. We reserve the right to add any commission to our portfolio, and that is the only way we'll use it again.

Are there any returns?

There are no returns on a commission. Make sure you like the style of cartooning on this site and, after looking over the samples in the portfolio section, you feel confident you will get a quality product, we hope you will order from us.

How can mepainter provide this service for so little?

Although mepainter also does graphic design, over the years we found we were generating lots of sketches, characters, funny animals, etc., that were just sitting around doing nothing. We thought it would be nice if they had a place to go. A good quality drawing for an affordable price.